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Recording in Ledwyche Covert woods, near Ludlow with Primo EM172 capsules and an Electret Battery Box

Unique DIY hardware and software for musicians, makers and artists

MIDI, PIC microcontrollers, electret microphones, custom audio software, DIY electronics, C++ programming.

Based in the UK.



Added the MIDI Prober project. The MIDI Prober is a hardware device that allows an oscilloscope to be connected inline between two MIDI devices.


Added the Tech Notes section to the site, where I will post useful technical information that may be of benefit to others.

Stock update:
It's been a great year and I have nearly sold out of the initial batches of items I manufactured. Here is what I have left (as of 1st May 2020):
Electret Phantom Power Supply: 1 in stock
Expression Pedal Meter: sold out
Electret Battery Box: sold out

If you are interested in purchasing an Electret Battery Box, please email me, and I will let you know if and when I build some more in the future.

The Electret Phantom Power Supply, Electret Battery Box and Expression Pedal Meter projects have been updated to include lots more detail.